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Assiniboine Athletic Club CARDIO - VIDEO COMPLEX*

Assiniboine Athletic Club CardioAssiniboine Athletic Club

Includes heart-rate interactive PRECOR treadmills, PRECOR elliptical trainers, CYBEX arc trainers, PRECOR recumbent and PRECOR upright cycles, STAIRMASTER Stepmills, CONCEPT II rowers,

A walking/jogging track and easily accessible stairwells are available for interval training.

Individual TVs on most pieces of cardio equipment.

* Sign up policy in effect to ensure equitable  shared use of equipment free from conflict.



Assiniboine Athletic Club EquipmentAssiniboine Athletic Club Equipment
Includes: a complete line of selectorized CYBEX
Horizontal Leg Press
Seated Leg Curl
Lying Leg Curl
Seated Leg Extension
Multi Hip
Standing Calf Raise
VR2 Seated Leg Press
VR2 Lat Pulldown
VR2 Row/Rear Delt
VR2 Incline Chest Press
VR2 Pec Dec
Decline Chest Press
Pec Dec/Rear Delt
Assisted Chin/Dip
Lateral Shoulder Raise
Shoulder Press
Shoulder Rotation
Tricep Extension
Bicep Curl
Rotary Torso
 a PULSE modular multistation comprised of:
2 x Lat Pulldown
Seated Row
Chin-up Bar
Height Adjustable Cable Crossover
2 Adjustable Single Pulley Columns
Tricep Pressdown


Assiniboine Athletic Club FREE WEIGHTS

Assiniboine Athletic Club EquipmentAssiniboine Athletic Club Equipment
Includes: a variety of plate loaded options from HAMMER STRENGTH, CYBEX, and LEVER
Seated Horizontal Leg Press
45 Hack Squat
Seated Calf Raise
Incline Chest Press
Horizontal Row
45 T-Bar Row
Shoulder Press
Counterbalanced Smith Machine
2 x Power Racks
Dumbbells from 2 lbs to 150 lbs each
Medicine Balls from 2 lbs to 15 lbs
Kettlebells from 15 lbs to 55 lbs each
Various Resistance Tubing options



Assiniboine Athletic Club PoolAssiniboine Athletic Club Pool
     Lap Pool (54 Feet or 16.6 Meters) - has dedicated swimming lane
     Children's Wading Pool (for toddlers 5 and under)

Aqua-jogging belts & kick training boards available to members
Swim instruction available through independent, Certified Swimming Instructors

     Whirlpool (10 person) (Drained, Cleaned every Tuesday @ 8:30 am Re-opens @ 8:30 pm)
     Co-Ed Steam Room (10 person)
       Gravity Inversion Unit
     Cybex Stretch Trainer
Assiniboine Athletic Club MEMBER SERVICES

INTRODUCTION TO WEIGHT TRAINING & CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING:  complementary with a 3 month or longer membership

SECURE BICYCLE CAGE LOCKUP: complementary with all memberships (day use only, no overnight storage)

PERMANENT LOCKER RENTAL: $72/year (lower level half size lockers only - member provides own lock)

TOWEL RENTAL: $1 per towel per use (unlimited rental not available)

NEW SHAW EXO WIFI! :  Shaw residential Internet customers can access Shaw Exo WiFi internet. Non-Shaw Internet customers can access Shaw Exo WiFi zones as guests under various conditions. More info at Shaw's website
NEW mts_wifi_hotspotMTS Wi-Fi Hotspot! :  MTS Wi-Fi lets you access the Internet wirelessly throughout the Assiniboine Athletic Club. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device and an MTS High Speed Internet or MTS Wireless account.
More info at MTS' website