Location & Hours Of Operation
Assiniboine Athletic Club
401 - 83 Garry Street, Winnipeg
Manitoba, Canada      R3C 4J5
942-3488   (942-FITT)

Assiniboine Athletic Club at Hotel Ft Garry
We are located in the north facing tower of FORT GARRY PLACE with service lane and side walk access from Garry Street immediately behind the Hotel Fort Garry.

Open 7 Days A Week!


Monday - Friday 6AM - 10PM

Saturday & Sunday 8AM - 8PM

Holidays 8AM - 5PM

a) Front entrance via 83 Garry Street Elevator Lobby
- Immediately west of the glass elevator at ground level turn right and enter through double glass doors marked 83 Garry Lobby.
- Take a regular elevator car (not glass) to the 4th floor.
- Exit the car to the right, then turn left, and proceed 5 paces.
- Club entrance is the glass door to your right.
b) 81 Garry Street/Mall Parkade Elevator Entrance
- Enter using mall access (automatic door, then revolving door) just past the mailboxes on the north face of the building.
- Take parkade elevators on the left side of corridor just prior to automatic doors to the mall.
- Go to Level P3
- Exit vestibule (you will be in the parkage), turn immediately right and enter fire stairwell (2 doors) then turn right and proceed to the end of the corridor.
- Turn left and pass through the remaining fire door moving 5 paces forward.
- Club entrance is the glass door to your right.
Assiniboine Athletic Club Gym Map
c) ONLY guests of the Hotel Fort Garry may use the SKYLINK (room access key required)
- Get off Hotel Elevator on Level 1
- Follow signs across SKYLINK using your room key to open automatic door facing you at end of the bridge.
- Assiniboine Athletic Club Entrance door is immediately to your left (pool access is through the gym/fitness centre).

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